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Building Applications with SharePoint

Application DevelopmentIt was more than 10 years ago when AIS first began to explore and envision the idea of using SharePoint as an application development platform. Today, SharePoint has fully matured. It finally contains all the features we need for a fully-featured application development platform. We now have enumerable building blocks which allow us to write less code and deliver solutions for a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

We are pleased to provide a set of service offerings aimed at helping organizations maximize their current SharePoint investment, or upgrade to the latest version and begin building custom applications that improve business operations and communications. These envisioning service offerings allow each new client to “try us out” by allowing us to quickly and fully define and refine requirements, identify risks, develop application architecture and outline estimates and timeframes for a low cost.  Get started today!

 SharePoint Assessment Project

A SharePoint Assessment Project allows you to leverage the AIS SharePoint Infrastructure Practice to evaluate your existing SharePoint farm and give recommendations to improve the farm performance.

Upon completion, AIS will provide an Assessment Report, which contains a detailed analysis of the SharePoint environment and recommendations for configuration changes to be made.

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SharePointSharePoint Cloud Migration Planning Project

If you engage with AIS' SharePoint Migration Planning project, AIS will evaluate an existing SharePoint farm and perform a cloud readiness assessment. Based on our evaluation, AIS will produce a document with recommendations and potential options for hosting SharePoint in the cloud. This includes pros and cons of each option, plus a comparison of Office 365, Azure, Amazon and Rackspace hosting.

Additionally, AIS will include a high-level project plan for the migration.

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SharePointSharePoint Quick Start Project

The SharePoint Quick Start project gives organizations an expedited startup for SharePoint On-Premises, Office 365 or cloud-hosted SharePoint.

When the Quick Start project is completed, AIS will present a demo of the proof of concept, provide a knowledge transfer to your IT staff and deliver a configured SharePoint environment. 

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SharePointSharePoint Upgrade Planning Project

With the SharePoint Upgrade Planning project, AIS will perform an evaluation of your current farm and provide a strategy, project plan and cost estimate for upgrading to SharePoint 2013. At the end of the engagement, a write-up and review of the upgrade analysis and migration strategy will be presented to your IT team.

AIS will also provide you with a project plan and estimate to support and manage the migration to its conclusion.

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