Free 1-Hour Disaster Risk Consultation

If Disaster Strikes, Would Your Organization Survive?


The "what ifs" are unpredictable, but your disaster recovery plan shouldn't be. 

If your business was headquartered in an area recently affected by wildfires, hurricanes, or earthquakes and you had all your data stored on-site, realistically, how quickly would you recover?

If your disaster recovery plan hasn't been touched this year, or worse, is non-existent, it's time to consider backing up mission-critical data on the cloud.

During our free 1-hour risk consultation, we will cover:

  • Disaster Recovery Testing - So you implemented a disaster recovery solution a few years ago, how often do you test it, and update your recovery plans? Are you confident it actually works?

  • Recovery Planning - Have you identified key personnel and resources? What order do you recover services in?

  • Recovery Time - In the event of a disaster, how fast can you recover? What's the cost to your business of an extended recovery and what is the value to a near real-time capability?

Plan for Business Continuity Before Profitability & Data Suffers

Those that don't plan for disaster recovery and business continuity end up paying for it later in downtime, application or infrastructure failure, and datacenter availability or outages. 


$1.25B to $2.5B

Average annual cost of downtime for F1000


$500K to $1M

Average hourly cost of a critical application failure



Average hourly cost of an infrastructure failure



Number of datacenter outages per year


1.43 hours

Average duration of an outage



Est. cost of a datacenter with 99.749% availability



Average cost per datacenter outage

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late - Start Planning For Disaster Recovery Today

Let us help you plan for the unknown. Our cloud architects can help you build and refine your disaster recovery plan to ensure business continuity when disaster strikes. Contact AIS today to request your free 1-hour risk consultation session!