ebook: The App Economy: Coming to an Office™ Near You

Noted author and AIS CTO Vishwas Lele’s bestselling eBook The App Economy: Coming to an Office™ Near You provides a solid overview of the next generation of productivity for Office and SharePoint 13, detailing how Apps for Office and SharePoint will bring dramatic change to the way we work, every day. The eBook presents App solutions for different work scenarios, with perspectives from a cast of characters including a power user, developer, administrator, and industry analyst. In these scenarios, the following questions will be answered:

  • Why are apps needed?
  • What nagging problems are they designed to solve?
  • What kinds of apps can we expect to see in the marketplace?
  • How will SharePoint apps be secured?
  • What are the various revenue models supported?
  • Would in-app purchases be allowed? What about ads?  
  • What is the difference between a public app store and a corporate app catalog?


About the Author
For 24 years Vishwas Lele has helped organizations build custom software solutions that increase productivity, efficiency and economies of scale. He is a noted speaker and author on SharePoint and Cloud Computing, and is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP. In his day job, Vishwas is the CTO at AIS, an application development and cloud computing professional services company outside of Washington, D.C. You can follow Vishwas on twitter @vlele.