Core Systems Modernization Solutions

AIS Core Systems Modernization solution is a comprehensive offering that provides both a long-term strategic roadmap and an actionable, high-value short-term solution for modernized core systems. The offering includes the following components:

  • The Application Portfolio Assessment provides key insight into the current application landscape within the organization. It identifies dependencies on infrastructure as well as dependencies between applications. The assessment objectively surfaces applications that are weak or unsuitable for supporting both current and future business needs.
  • The Application Portfolio Roadmap takes the as-is information from the Application Portfolio Assessment and provides prescriptive guidance on how your IT organization should undertake a modernization effort, while considering various factors such as budgetary constraints, strategic goals and incremental high value returns on IT investments.
  • Build & Buy Evaluations: We understand that any IT ecosystem has combination of both COTS products as well as custom build solutions. Our Build & Buy Evaluation provides a well-structured approach to establishing when and what you should build and when and what you should buy. Furthermore, if "buy" is the appropriate approach, we provide both functional and technical requirements gathering based on specific needs of the organization.
  • Custom Builds: If "build" is the appropriate approach for a targeted modernized system, the offering provides end-to-end custom build solution development from envisioning, development, support and maintenance after the system is deployed in production.

This solution is one of many options we offer our clients in the insurance industry (see all of our Insurance Solutions). If you're ready to speak with one of our experienced consultants about how we can begin solving all of your challenges, please complete the contact form or give us a call at 703.860.7800.