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Take Your First Steps Into the Cloud

cloud computingAIS is pleased to provide a set of service offerings aimed at helping IT organizations “take their first formative steps into the cloud." Many organizations are struggling with how to leverage the cloud, but by taking those first steps with us, you can start the planning, governance and readiness without assuming much, if any, liability or risk — and be well on your way to the significant cost savings the cloud can offer. 

Our envisioning service offerings allow each new client to “try us out” by allowing us to fully define and refine requirements, identify risks, develop application architecture and outline estimates and timeframes for a low cost.

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SharePoint in the Cloud

If your organization is searching for methods to deploy Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Standard or Enterprise into a Microsoft Azure IaaS environment, then you're headed in the right direction.Additionally, if your organization has already started the process of deploying SharePoint into Azure, we can help you take your farm deployment to the next level. Learn more

SQL Server

SQL Server in the Cloud

With our SQL Server in the Cloud offering, AIS will help your organization plan for and deploy Microsoft SQL Server Standard or Enterprise into a Microsoft Azure IaaS environment.We'll work with you to get SQL Server in Windows Azure appropriately configured and running with high availability and cross-premises connectivity.  AIS will also assist you in taking advantage of SQL Server and Windows Azure to meet your DR/High availability needs as a hybrid-IT solution. Learn more

Application Development

Application Development and Testing in the Cloud

Application development and testing in the cloud is the wave of the future; AIS will help your organization develop a plan and move development and testing into the Microsoft Azure IaaS environment. We will provide simple setup, including scripts for provisioning as well as cost analysis, which would also include implications of MSDN pricing. Learn more

Windows Azure Media Services Windows Azure Media Services Quick Start

Are you in need of a custom workflow for delivery of your organization's media assets?  If so, then our Windows Azure Media Service Quick Start offering is the perfect solution for you. In addition to a seamless configuration, this offering integrates with existing Intranets and websites.  This tool will also reduce the code your programmers need to write to manage digital assets. Learn more