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 Azure Media Services Quick Start

At AIS, we offer our clients a means to fully develop the concepts and projects needed to enable transformative change within their organizations and industries. Our envisioning service offering allows each new client to “try us out” by allowing us to fully define and refine requirements, identify risks, develop application architecture and outline estimates and timeframes for a low cost.

The AIS Azure Media Services Quick Start offer:

  • is designed to help clients set up a custom workflow for ingestion, encoding and delivery of media assets 
  • allows AIS consultants to formulate a plan based on your specific needs and work with you to develop a custom AMS workflow

What are the Benefits of Azure Media Services?

  • Frictionless configuration
  • Cost analysis
  • Capacity planning
  • Integrate with existing intranets and web sites
  • Access to AIS’ AMS Management Tool

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How will AIS work with my company?

Here’s how this works: our consultants will start by developing a list of areas to be covered during this engagement. Each area will be covered at a level that is appropriate for your particular needs and the time spent on each of these areas can be adjusted.

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How long will this engagement last?

This envisioning engagement lasts for five consecutive business days, beginning with an overview and goals session involving all participants from the AIS and client team. 

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Who will participate?

The AIS Project Manager will assemble a team of AIS engagement and technical experts who will work with a solutions and technical architect from your organization. 

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What are the deliverables?

Our envisioning offers come with a defined set of deliverables that are discussed and agreed upon prior to the start of the engagement.  If your organization desires additional deliverables beyond what are outlined for this offer we will work with you to make them a part of this engagement, however you may incur additional costs. 

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How much will this cost?

We have established a set basic fee for our envisioning service offers as they are presented.  Any additional services provided may be in addition to our set fee.

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I have additional questions, can I speak to someone?

Absolutely. We would love to speak to you regarding this offer or any of our other services. Complete the Contact Us form and someone will get back to you shortly.

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